Per individual, on a 10 members premise

Bars+Club in the city Visit : Content

Visit the absolute best bars in the old town

Our nearby guide accessible for 4h

Passage into a disco around 1 am in a decent club

The arrangement point is set at 22h or 23h in center of city


Come and enjoy the route of 3 bars, in the area of with more good atmosphere, in which the streets sprout of joy and party, in addition to the end of the tour will have free VIP access by list in a discotheque in the city. In each bar, you will have a shoot included except in one of them, which will be 1 hour of free beer bar. Guided tour, possibility of being with more groups at the same time and being in different languages.

This service is available in the following cities

Ibiza – Mallorca – Barcelona – Madrid – Malaga – Porto – Oporto – Lisboa – Lisbon