Boat Party Ibiza


I wanted to write about my cousin Mark’s last farewell, which was simply fantastic and unforgettable.
We had all thought up to do something simple, but due to so many amazing deals and prices at https://henpartynight.com/
So instead of making dinner and something fun for the night in. Since we had taken those days because we did not enjoy them all and let it be day or night to extend all the moments together to enjoy in the highest intensity.
We rented a private boat where in the afternoon with menus that gave us the choice, we chose sushi that we all loved but the Robert did not care and joined and ate too.
It was super and fresh!
With fresh drinks and even champagne to celebrate being together.
Sunbathing, diving in those wonderful waters and we saw beautiful landscapes of the island that without being in boat would be difficult to have seen them.
After, a full afternoon we arrived ashore we went to the hotel and showered and prepared ourselves for the next dinner time and a long night.
We went by taxi from the hotel to the restaurant scheduled by the agency. In a stunning place to be for dinner on the beach.
 It would even be great to be with my girlfriend, I took pictures because I knew she would love it.
We ate good meat, with everything starters and even dessert. Did not miss anything!
When already dined they called us to a private room in the restaurant,very cool and Mark already super nervous and ashamed with what we could surprise him.
 Arrived a well-produced striper Mark was red as a tomato face,ahahahaaahah.
 She did a very sensual show and was quite nice that until we took many photos and cheers with us some drinks.
 It was great moment of the party !!
Next step, we had the tickets to Club and Table.Boat Party Ibiza

Ibiza Boat Party

And went on as you can imagine all night long.
 We slept pretty little to enjoy the time we are all together on the island.
We went a bit to the beach in the afternoon and after a relaxing afternoon spent in the hotel spa,
 we got ready for dinner the second night.
No longer expecting any more surprises! Hahahahaaaa…. we booked a “Hummer” limo.
 That when him leaves the hotel he could’nt fit the eyes in the face hahahah.
Strolling around the center taking snacks inside the limo and when it stops and goes in a striper and dazzles us all with her show! It was even top, since music, the wardrobe and she was amazing!
After the show and take our breath of that moment.
We went to dinner.
But at the end of dinner this time we stayed at the old part of the island and just had some more drinks.We did’nt want to be late night out, because we had to close suitcases to catch a plane.
But it was from start to finish above all expectations.
We loved it, we will be back among us all to use this agency and we only hope that all of us even not marrying,ahahaha.
we will do it festively or even for birthday!
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